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You need to be on-line to use the facilities provided below.

Google Web Search

Search the web. Advanced Search also available.


Google News Search

Search Internet news. Advanced Search also available.


Alta Vista

Put phrases in quotes, use + and - prefixes, link: finds links, url: restricts search to specified domain

Search: Web News 

BBC News

Search BBC News Archive



A web directory (more structured than Alta Vista, but fewer pages and poorer searching)


Yahoo UK


A web directory (more structured than Alta Vista, but fewer pages and poorer searching)

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Google best for searching the web - it is fast and easy to use. When using Google or Alta Vista put phrases in quotes and use + to insist that items appear eg:

+"octopus systems" +ipswich

You can make Alta Vista only search UK pages by adding +URL:uk to the end of your search.

Google news search is good for searching news articles and keeps articles for a long while.

Yahoo can also be used for searching the Web but it isn't as good as Google.

Yell is useful for finding UK businesses by name even if you don't know the area. It can also find all businesses in a particular category and area (just leave the company name blank and enter a category and an area).

You can make this page the default for your browser, so whenever you start your browser you are able to search any of the above systems.

For even faster access you can save this page to your disc and make your own local copy the default for your browser, this means that the page will always open immediately even before your modem has finished dialling. If you do that you should check here periodically for updates.

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